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Hydrate for your baby’s health

Happy 2013, folks!

A new year means new beginnings, but we are still facing the same old issues in our communities. In Mercer County, N.J., 41 of the 4,657 births last year resulted in infant death. There are many reasons for this alarming statistic, but the Nurse-Family Partnership, a staff of nurses that make free home visits to first-time pregnant mothers in Mercer County, all harp on one factor as the biggest preventative measure: prenatal nutrition.

If you get hit with a craving, Doris Greiner, R.N., says try to avoid fast food places like McDonald’s. It might be a quick fix, but it has lots of long term effects on the body.

“It’s better to have fruits and veggies because. Those give your body more of the good stuff that it really needs.”

Dehydration is something every pregnant woman should be aware of. Cynthia Hampton, R.N. says dehydration in a pregnant woman is extremely dangerous.
“Avoid eating foods that are high in salt. That can drain a lot of the water from your system,” she said. “Dehydration in late-term woman could possibly lead to premature labor.”

Here are some signs that you might be approaching dehydration:
Dark yellow urine, infrequent or lack of urination, dry mouth, weakness, dizziness and lightheadedness, excessive thirst, headaches, chapped lips, nausea and vomiting.

If you are interested in contacting the Nurse-Family Partnership, or just want more prenatal nutrition advice, please call 609-695-1977 ext. 115.
Prenatal health care services and education are extremely important to young parents. That can be the difference between a healthy birth and a complicated one. The numbers show that our communities still have some work to do.

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